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Good water is an essential key to good health. Municipal water is treated with chemicals; well water is plagued by various issues; bottled water is ridiculous; Making your own reverse osmosis water after filtering out heavy metals and microplastics just makes sense. Here at the Nerve Center, we use the 9-stage Reverse Osmosis from Hydroperfection and we really do love our water.

In fact we love it so much we became affiliates of the company and when you purchase a water system through our link, you will be supporting your new favorite weirdos as they make this podcast and pursue their eclectic musical visions.  


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Tell you what, you can click the link and register at fullscript and save 10% on supplements, check out some of the protocols J LAC has put together for you.

Oliah self-published a book of 29 of her poems including her photographs and artwork.   The book is 5.75 in. x 8 in. hardcover. 

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Quit Smoking

Ready to stop smoking but like something to do with your hands? Try Fum, all natural with essential oil cores.

You’ve had your fun, now it’s just an addiction. A stinky, smelly, deadly addiction. Not nearly as cool as once upon a time. As a matter of fact, it might just be an escape, or a manifestation of some unprocessed… “stuff”. Wherever you are with your addiction to nicotine, eventually you’ll have to quit. I think it should be on your terms, and not on the terms of a terminal illness. Fum is a tobacco free, non-drug, non-nicotine, essential oil based product that can help you quit smoking.

By starting up with fum through the link below, not only will you be doing your self and loved ones a favor, you’ll be helping out our podcast as well. 


You can support our podcast with a good old fashioned donation. We are building a library of interesting (we hope) talks with interesting people and original music in each episode as we go forward. Your support and encouragement are fuel for the engine of creation.