Our 9th episode guest is Bishop Randall.  He is a poet and glass artist, a student of Zen, a father and storyteller as well.   Bishop emphasizes the importance of knowing our history and cultural inheritance which are shaped by our “place” or environment.  He has learned much about his place on the Motezuma Ridge of the Yuba watershed in Nevada City, California both from his own explorations and also from his mentor and friend Gary Snyder who first taught him to know the four directions.

Bishop’s soon-to-be-released book of poems, “Animal Droppings,” has been described as,
“Drawing from spirit, a resurgence of collective thought…the ending of a time, forgotten tools, medicine, songs of healing, the vision of what might come next through the lens of everyday life.”
While we sit around Bishop’s kitchen table, we talk of Bears and Zen, shadows and Indigenous culture, and Bishop reads some of his poems and recites stories. Local poet Will Staple, neighbor and friend, also joins us for a lively discussion about life on the ridge and beyond. Bishop’s contact info is below. And if you are in the Nevada City area this weekend, Saturday (April 22, 2023), come check out the Sierra Poetry Festival Event “Poetic Crossings” at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center. Both Bishop and Will will be reading poetry–Bishop will read a selection of Lew Welch’s poems and Will is going to read some of his friend Allen Ginsberg’s poetry. It’ll be a memorable event not to be missed! Hope to see you there!


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